Cripple Creek, CO Log Chinking – June 2013

Cripple Creek, CO Log Chinking

Colorado Log Home Chinking & Weatherizing


In June 2013, I chinked this beautiful log home in Cripple Creek, CO. This Swedish Cope style 5000+ sq/ft log home was a recent construction and required both interior and exterior chinking. Often times this style of home are considered “chinkless”, but most home owners choose to still use chinking for a tight seal and better weatherization. Over time, most “chinkless” homes will still require chinking to close gaps that will develop over time.


Applying chink to the end joints. Gaps are filled with backer rod to provide a additional insulation and a provides a bond break for the chink, allowing it to “float” with the logs as they move and a continuous, tight seal that will last.


Smoothing the chink lines to provide a secure seal and a smooth, finished look. A properly finished chink line will be able to stretch with any movement of the logs, keeping a tight, weather proof seal.


Chinking up high in the sections that the kick jack platform couldn’t reach.


Nice finished chink lines. Larger wood checks (cracks in the logs) will also be filled to prevent weathering and bug infestation. Additional check lines will open up and expand over time, especially on newly assembled homes.  These lines that open up will be chinked in a few seasons once the home has had time to settle.


Zippered joint lines.


A finished wall.

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