Chinking & Caulking in Durango, CO and the Four Corners Area

1Chinking your log home or building is essential for protecting it from the elements. Properly applied chink will protect your home from water and air infiltration, bug and insect infestation and keeps the inside dry and warm while cutting down on heating costs.

Traditionally log homes were chinked using a variety of materials, including, hair, fur, moss, sand, and later, concrete mortar. Today, synthetic chink is used in order to create a long-lasting bond to the wood that will flex and bend with the logs as they shrink and expand over time. A properly applied chink job should never have to be redone, with only minor upkeep or repairs after the initial application.

Wild West Log Chinking is proud to use Weatherall brand chinking and caulking. It is available in a variety of colors, enabling you to customize the style to create a nice finished look to your log home. Whether you prefer the traditional look of mortar, highlighting the seams, or a more blended style, we can find the right chink color to meet your style.

Chinking ServicesCripple_Creek_Colorado_Cabin_Log_Chinking_Durango_3

  • Chinking
  • Backer Rod Installation
  • Caulking
  • Check, Knot, Crack & Joint filling
  • Window and Door frame sealing


Why choose Wild West instead of doing it yourself?


chinkingChinking and backer rod installation can be a very time consuming, meticulous and frustrating task. Most do-it-yourself chink applications are via small ‘caulking’ style tubes, which can be extremely cost prohibitive and slow. Our bulk-loading chink pump can be loaded with up to 5 gallons of chink at a time, which cuts down on material cost and greatly increases application speed, saving you both time and overall cost.

Achieving a smooth finish can also be extremely difficult. Proper application not only looks good, but is essential in creating a proper seal that will bend and flex with the movement of the logs, allowing it to remain sealed over time.

Here at Wild West, we’ve spent over a decade fine tuning our application and finishing tools and techniques, providing a high-quality look and weatherization to your log home in a timely fashion.

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